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What is the difference between HydroLearn (live) and Studio? is the site used to view your courses as they are seen live by other users, but if you would like to make any edits to existing courses or create new courses, you must do this through the studio (, which is an independent site!

What is the association with HydroLearn and edX?

EdX is an online learning course provider that is open sourced! Using OpenEdX, we were able to adopt the edX software platform to create our own online learning site that is independent of edX but uses it's same functions and features! That way, when you need help on HydroLearn, you can often find help by reading edX help documents.

What are the capabilities of a staff member on the course?

Staff members on your course are allowed to add or edit any of the course content, copy parts of the course to other courses, and export the course. They cannot delete the course or add other staff members.

Can HydroLearn connect to my LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard)?

Yes! For help on this, visit the LMS section of the HydroLearn 101 module!

How do I adapt another course and customize it to make it my own?

You can use courses from other users through a course export and import process. To export another instructor's course you must first have a studio account with permissions to create courses. From the home hydrolearn page, navigate to the course card of the course you are interested in, there should be an "Export Course" link located in the right sidebar menu. Visit the section of HydroLearn 101 on Collaboration, Sharing, and Adaptation to learn more!

How do I enroll students in my module?

There are two easy options for enrolling students in your course. The first is to direct them to your module's about page where the students will see a button next to the course card image that says "Enroll in the course". Alternatively, you can use batch enrollment using your students' emails to enroll them all at once. For more details, check out our Course Enrollment and Viewing instructions in section 3 of HydroLearn 101.

Setting up an Account

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, send me a message at to learn about my current availability. When it comes to Transformation Coaching, I usually work with 5-7 clients at a time and I mostly like to into deep transformative trajectories of 3 months or longer. Less frequently I also have breakthrough sessions or full day sessions if that is what's called for. For organizational Leadership Facilitation programs there is usually availability within 1-2 months, with in the worst case a longer waiting time of >2 months.

Do you work in-person or virtual

Both. For Transformation Coaching programs, I usually have a combination of in-person and virtual sessions for clients that are based in Berlin, Amsterdam or Warsaw. As I myself and many of my clients also travel a lot themselves and have tight schedules, some choose to go with virtual only programs. Some of my high-profile clients also prefer the privacy of their own space. Where possible I perefer to have at least part of our sessions in person. I make agreements on a case by case basis. For organizational Leadership Facilitation programs, I have mostly been offering these in-person. However, since Covid-19, I have also started offering virtual programs, which have proven to be similarly effective as the in-person one according to collected participant feedback. I also travel regularly to offer leadership programs where the client is based, with a focus on Europe.

How long does the coaching & leadership facilitation take?

With regards to Transformation Coaching, I mostly like to step into longer term trajectories with my clients, mostly between 3 to 6 months. In some cases I have ongoing relationships with clients. Besides that, when what is called for is a 3 hour or full day breakthrough session, then that is also on the table. Each session is between 1.5 to 2 hours. The purpose of my sessions is to help you go deeper into your self-awareness and self-knowledge than you would be able to do on your own. If you're simply looking for someone to chat with, I might not be the right person for you to hire. Our sessions will be hard work, sometimes even uncomfortable. Such a coaching relationship will require your full commitment to tap into the full potential of your mind and to make lasting changes in both your personal and professional life. The Search Inside Yourself Leadership program when in-person usually takes place on 2 full consecutive days from 9 AM to 5 PM, followed by a 28 day remotely guided practice period and a final Capstone Webinar of about 75-90 minutes at the end of the 28 days. Key-notes, half days or 1-day programs are also available. Virtual Search Inside Yourself programs usually span over 3, 4 or 6 separate days (between 2.5 - 5 hours per day), either consecutive or with break-days in between.

What is the difference between a therapy, training, consulting, mentoring and coaching session?

A therapist looks for the roots of your mental and emotional disorders in order to help you heal. A trainer helps you develop new skills and knowledge in relevant areas. A consultant provides professional advice. A mentor may share information about his or her own career path, but not someone who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in work and life. A coach creates a safe conversational space where you can fully show up as yourself, express your feelings, deeper longings and share your fears and challenges, and work out a powerful vision for your future. They don't judge and they don't make decisions for you. They provide support, accountability, and encouragement to help you achieve both your short-term goals and long-term visions. More on how I personally work on the "For Individuals" page.

What can I expect after I hire you?

After we agree to start a coaching relationship, you will get a) coaching agreement (written in a simple human language) to be signed by me and you so we both know what our rights and obligations are b) your first invoice. Once you sign the agreement and settle the invoice, we will schedule our first session(s).

What do the sessions look like?

During our initial meetings, we will discuss your goals and areas of your life you wish to improve. Based on that, we will define strategies and action plans for you to start developing new habits, adopting new behaviors, and making the first tangible changes. Each session should then begin with the review of your progress and finish with a specific plan for the following week. There are also ongoing practices and reflections that you will be invited to take on to enable deeper transformation, mindset shifts and behavioral change. I would like to note here that no one's life story is linear, and neither is the coaching process of a specific individual. You may come to me with one goal and we will end up revealing a totally new one, which you will choose to pursue instead. My objective is not to bring you solely from point A to point B in your life but to transform the way how you yourself work with your own mind, your strengths, weaknesses, skills, needs, and even your body.

What about the confidentiality of our sessions?

Our sessions (including any mutual messages/emails) will be strictly confidential and I will not share any personal ideas, information, thoughts or experiences expressed by you with anyone else without your permission. The confidentiality aspect of our coaching relationship will be addressed in the agreement we sign before we start working together.

Is there a refund if I don't like the sessions?

If there's anything you wish to change in the coaching process, please don't hesitate to tell me without any delay. Our relationship needs to be based on honesty and trust, and I will do my very best to modify the sessions to suit your needs. It's not possible, however, to offer refunds for any cancellations or no-shows, unless there's a serious valid reason (e.g. force-majeure or medical condition). Before we start, you do have the chance to get to know me and ask questions before committing to anything. From time to time I also offer a full one off coaching experience by invitation or referral so you can experience the power of this work before diving in deeper.

Can I reschedule a session if something comes up?

Cancelling and/or rescheduling a coaching session can be done with appropriate notice. Please allow at least 24-hour notice for appointment changes.

How can I contact you?

Email me at or use the contact form here.


How do I insert photos or other media?

For step-by-step instructions on media uploads, visit the Uploads section of HydroLearn 101.

How do I insert questions/problems?

For step-by-step instructions on inserting problems, visit the Problems section of HydroLearn 101.

What does it mean to publish your module?

The Publish button is used to apply your course updates done in the Studio to the live version of HydroLearn for your students to be able to see it! If you don't publish your changes, they will stay in Studio, but HydroLearn Live will show your course as it was before you made changes.

How does grading work on HydroLearn?

For step-by-step instructions on grading in HydroLearn, visit the Grading section of HydroLearn 101.

How do I embed an online resource to my module?

You can embed the resource if it is a secure page (https://...) and you can do this either as an additional tab that accompanies your course or you can place it in the middle of the course content! To learn the steps to embed an online resource, visit the Embedding Apps, Databases, and Maps section of the HydroLearn 101 course.

How can I hide my module from the Course Catalog page?

In Studio, click on the Settings tab, then select Schedule & Details in the drop down menu. In this page scroll to Course Schedule and set the Course Start Date and Enrollment End Date to be the same.

How can I delete a module?

It isn't possible to delete a module, however you can "archive" the module. After archiving, the module will not display in your course catalog. Students enrolled in the module will still be able to view the archived module in their course list, but it will change how the module appears and functions for learners.

  1. From the Settings dropdown, choose Schedule & Details.
  2. Scroll down to the Course Schedule section.
  3. Click in the Course End Date field.
  4. Enter any date in the past.
  5. Click Save Changes.

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