HydroLearn attends Open edX conference!

HydroLearn attended the Open edX Conference in Lisbon, Portugal in April. HydroLearn is a deployment of the well established open source edX platform (used by Harvard and MIT among others) with enhancements that our team has developed such as scaffolding wizards and templates, as well as the HydroLearn 101 module, to support the development of learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments that we have developed.

The conference was a unique opportunity to learn about Open edX’s recent upgrades and gain a sneak peak of upcoming releases. Additionally, we learned from many experts in the fields of education, curriculum, and pedagogy. We are eager to implement what we have learned in our instance of Open edX. HydroLearn users can expect to see BIG upgrades from us as the project continues into the future.

Anant Agarwal

edX Founder and MIT Professor

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