HydroLearn CIROH Virtual Summer Hackathon & Workshop

HydroLearn CIROH Virtual Summer Hackathon & Workshop

The HydroLearn project is pleased to invite hydrology and water resources instructors to participate in the HydroLearn-CIROH Workshop & Hackathon to be held May 29- June 1 and June 4-13 (see details below). Fellowships will be awarded to support participation in the workshop and travel will be reimbursed.

Apply here by March 3, 2024

May 29 – June 1 

  • Face-to-face in Salt Lake City, Utah. HydroLearn sessions will be held in conjunction with the CIROH Development Conference. Fellows will attend CIROH DevCon sessions as well as HydroLearn-specific sessions.

June 4-7, 10-13 

  • Synchronous online, 11 am – 6 pm EDT 

Participants will use the HydroLearn online platform (www.hydrolearn.org) to collaboratively develop and share new course material in hydrology and water resources engineering targeting key topics relevant to CIROH’s priorities and themes, identified in conjunction with the USGS, NOAA and CIROH. Following a “hackathon” approach, the workshop will start with training on the development of content for HydroLearn and research-based pedagogical approaches, followed by collaborative work in small groups (2 to 3) on module development with the goal to complete the development of modules that each fellow could use in their own teaching at their home institution. The workshop will also include daily check-in sessions with the HydroLearn team, with the significant time allotted for fellows to co-develop modules and obtain feedback from the HydroLearn team, as well as staff from USGS and NOAA. Fellows will present their finished modules in October. 

The ultimate objective of this call is to support one of the main goals of CIROH: “co-produce research outputs, education, workforce development, outreach, and engagement with operational practitioners”, as well as one of its primary mission components: “Promote inclusive education and outreach related to NOAA-related research and operational applications of hydrologic prediction leading to the sustained development of a diverse workforce in NOAA and the broad water sector”. 

Deadline for Application: 

Applications are due by March 3, 2024. Decisions will be made by March 22, 2023. Apply here: https://forms.gle/ETg9i7yEGjt4UEZK7 


Fellows will be expected to attend the virtual workshop, implement their HydroLearn module in a class during Fall 2024 or Spring 2025, revise their module as needed, and provide feedback on experiences as an instructor using HydroLearn. Additionally, fellows will be expected to present their modules during webinars. Travel will be covered.

Who are HydroLearn Fellows?

HydroLearn fellows include faculty who teach undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses. Fellows should be willing to collaborate and have an interest in creating engaging online curricular materials to use with their students and to share with other faculty. Faculty at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are strongly encouraged to apply to support CIROH’s mission to reach a diverse student population.  

HydroLearn Workshop:

The primary goal of this project is to develop educational and training resources that support the education and workforce development mission of CIROH. The purpose of the workshop is to foster collaboration among hydrology and water resources instructors and to develop modules on HydroLearn to be implemented in their courses and shared with the larger CIROH community. As part of the workshop, fellows will learn about the HydroLearn platform and research-based practices in engineering education. Fellows will then form collaborative teams to design a module in HydroLearn. We seek modules on topics that address the main Research Themes of CIROH (https://ciroh.ua.edu/research/) and its Educational and Outreach goals:

We are looking for modules to complement and add to modules already in HydroLearn at www.hydrolearn.org. Applicants are encouraged to look at existing modules to identify where they can be complemented and also as examples of the scope of what is involved. 

To help with reusability and adoption by other instructors, HydroLearn is seeking modules that can be covered in about 2-3 weeks’ worth of instruction time or approximately 15-20 student work hours.  

Commitment of Fellows:

  • Attend the CIROH Development Conference and HydroLearn in-person events in Salt Lake City, UT May 29 – June 1, 2024 
  • Participate in the virtual workshop from June 4-7, and 10-13, 2014, 11 am – 6 pm Eastern to collaboratively design a module in HydroLearn  
  • Complete the online module HydroLearn 101 before attending the workshop (~3 hours) 
  • Participate in surveys and interviews  
  • Use the newly created module in a class taught at the fellow’s home institution during Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 semester 
  • Present the module to the community through a webinar 
  • Revise the module as needed, based on feedback from peers, students, and the HydroLearn team 

Benefits of Participation:

  • Collaboration with other instructors in your professional community on the development of active-learning resources 
  • Access to online student learning materials that integrate data and modeling resources 
  • Authorship on modules created as part of the HydroLearn platform 
  • HydroLearn Fellow recognition 
  • Opportunity to disseminate your modules to the larger community 
  • Increased understanding of methods for developing learning material based on educational research 
  • Increased student engagement and learning in your courses 
  • Acknowledgment and possible authorship in scientific publications where you contribute  


Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,500 for their participation in the Workshop and developing the collaborative modules. Apply here by March 3, 2024: https://forms.gle/ETg9i7yEGjt4UEZK7 . 

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