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HydroLearn platform.


Empowering educators to collaboratively develop, customize, and share active-learning
resources in hydrology and water resources engineering, and improve student learning.


Explore existing courses, case studies, and learning activities and use in classrooms


Share back learning resources for instructors to use


Customize existing courses and learning activities, or build new ones

Instructional Design Support

Create high quality learning outcomes and rubrics to support student learning

Call for Fellowship Applications

Are you a Hydrology instructor interested in engaging with us in testing the HydroLearn platform? 

Instructors Can Use Existing Courses


Once registered, instructors can use existing courses without any modification

Instructors Can Modify and Share


Find a course you would like to modify? You can make a copy and make changes to meet your needs, and share back on HydroLearn. 

Easy Access for Students


Students can explore courses and enroll in any course

If you need assistance with a specific course, you may contact the course author.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Collaborative Grant IUSE 1726965.
Collaborative Research: Improving Student Learning in Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering by Enabling the Development, Sharing and Interoperability of Active Learning Resources.
HydroLearn follows earlier developments in the HydroViz project that was sponsored by the National Science
Foundation's Collaborative Grant TUES 1122898 and CCLI 0737073.