Post-workshop recap: HL Workshop & Hackathon 2021

It has been an exciting and eventful summer here for us at HydroLearn! Last week we wrapped up our 8 day Virtual Summer Workshop and Hackathon. We had 23 new fellows from all around the world work collaboratively to develop 10 new modules for our platform. Nothing builds camaraderie quite like spending 52 hours together on Zoom! Our new fellows are creating modules that tackle hydrology and water resources topics such as urban hydrology, climate change, irrigation & remote sensing, fundamentals of groundwater and much more!

During our 8 day workshop, fellows learned how to create effective and engaging learning modules and will use the modules they developed in their courses in the coming semesters. The modules were developed using the principles of constructive alignment wherein we first consider the learning objectives that the module will be designed to address, then we create the learning activities (assessments) that will allow students to demonstrate their level of understanding, and finally we add the learning content (instructional or informative materials) that bridge the gap between the learning objectives and the learning activity.

We have our workshop recordings (currently being uploaded!) in our YouTube playlist “HydroLearn Virtual Hackathon – Summer 2021“. Shortly, we will be announcing our new cohort of fellows and the titles of the modules they are currently developing.

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