Dr. William Gonwa adapts HydroLearn modules to fit the needs of his students

HydroLearn is a community of educators and researchers that understand the difficulty of finding the best tools for your courses. Because of this, HydroLearn was made to be adaptable to meet the needs of your program. Our modules can be customized by adding personal data sets, updating to a local watershed of interest, changing links, and much more! Below are a few examples of how Dr. William Gonwa, from Milwaukee School of Engineering, has been able to adapt HydroLearn modules to fit the needs of his students.

Developing Design Storms – MSOE (CV-310)

In this module you will use the engineering design process to design a detention basin for use in protecting an area of urban development from flooding. In doing so, you will learn about specific topics in hydrology.

Quantifying Direct Runoff – MSOE (CV310-2)

You will learn to implement the Green-Ampt method for runoff generation which depends on watershed and soil properties, which will also be quantified.

Developing Storm Hydrographs and Storage Routing – MSOE (CV310-3)

In this module students will use runoff data from a design storm to learn how to develop inflow and outflow hydrographs.

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